Outsourcing to a professional bureau is the simplest, most efficient and most flexible way to manage your payroll.

It allows you to focus on what you are best at, while leaving us to do what we are best at.

We outline below the common challenges faced by our Clients and the key reasons they have chosen to outsource their payroll:

Resource restrained

Pressure on existing resources, either as a result of organisational growth or due to cost cutting, can impede a business’s ability to manage their payroll. Outsourcing payroll has the following benefits:

  • Allocate existing accountancy and management resource to workstreams that will add greater value to your business
  • Avoid the inconvenience (and costs) of covering payroll staff on leave – either planned or otherwise
  • No time spent dealing with HMRC or other government agencies

Auto Enrolment

As more and more business approach their staging date, many seek to outsource the payroll in order to hand over the complexities of Auto Enrolment to an experienced team of dedicated payroll experts. Outsourcing payroll has the following benefits:

  • No need to train staff on Auto Enrolment scheme set up or the ongoing assessment and reporting requirements
  • No need to acquire additional software packages
  • Minimise risk of fines associated with non-compliance

Compliance and associated reporting requirements

The increasing legislation surrounding payroll, combined with the greater reporting requirements such as RTI, have added to the administrative burden and the prospect of fines for non-compliance. Outsourcing payroll has the following benefits:

  • No need to track and implement changes in payroll legislation and statutory requirements
  • Confidentiality, processing accuracy and meeting payment deadlines are prerequisites of our payroll services
  • Minimise risk of fines associated with non-compliance

Cost saving exercise

There is the potential for significant cost benefits when you outsource payroll. Outsourced Payroll benefits include:

  • No capital expenditure required for payroll software, hardware, associated IT support or payroll stationary
  • No need for ongoing training to maintain compliance with the latest legislative requirements
  • Costs are known upfront – this makes forecasting much simpler